Matthew Bellantoni

Matthew J. Bellantoni

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My career has been spent at startup and early stage companies, in leadership and hands-on roles, building technologies and prototypes into commercially viable offerings. I’ve seen most of the product, people, and process challenges faced by such enterprises.

As a leader, I specialize in scaling an organization and pursuing excellence: removing ambiguity, getting organized, and judiciously introducing process to make the team effective. More importantly is making sure the team has the right people and that those people are completely supported.

As an engineer, I love designing and building quality products that solve problems. I believe in the power of technology to do the impossible. I know none of that matters if a product fails to meet users’ needs, is late to market or fails to generate a profit.

While most of my career has been spent in engineering, I’ve worked in product management, marketing, and sales. I take great satisfaction in working with those teams to serve customers.


Vice President, Engineering • Yesware, Inc.


Yesware provides a SaaS offering which helps salespeople improve their productivity. The service is available through the web, iOS devices and Microsoft Outlook.

Founder • Talently

Talently was a bootstrapped startup that endeavored to provide career management tools to software development, web development and information technology professionals.

Vice President, Application Development • Casenet, Inc.

Casenet provides a comprehensive suite of member-centric care management enterprise software products to health care payers.

Founder • Spotstory/Enormous Design Automation

Bootstrapped two companies: Spotstory, a hyper-local, web community; and Enormous Design Automation, a distributed, machine learning-based equivalence and model checker.

Product Manager • Carbon Design Systems, Inc.

Carbon provides high-speed integrated circuit simulators to the semiconductor and systems market.

Engineering Manager/Sales Engineer • iPhrase, Inc.

iPhrase provides natural language enterprise search, at the time, primarily to Fortune 500 retail and financial services companies. iPhrase was acquired by IBM in November 2005.

Engineering Manager • Chrysalis Symbolic Design, Inc.

Chrysalis provided formal equivalence and model checking product to the semiconductor industry. Chrysalis was acquired by Avanti Corporation in August 1999.

Senior Engineer • Viewlogic Systems, Inc.

Summers , Full time

Viewlogic provided integrated circuit design and simulation tools to the semiconductor industry. The company was acquired by Synopsys, Inc. in October 1997.

Engineering Intern • Parametric Technology Corporation


PTC provides CAD/CAM/CAE tools used to automate the mechanical development of a product from its conceptual design through its release into manufacturing.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
B.S. Computer and Systems Engineering, 1993