a.placebetween.us Mention

A quick shout-out (yeah, I just said that) to Chris Augeri who mentioned a.placebetween.us on his blog Forest Road! For those who do not know, (read: everyone) A Place Between Us is a tool that will let you and someone you’re meeting find a good mid-way point for meeting.  You get to pick the type […]

Panini 1.1 Released

I’ve just released a new version of Panini, a Ruby gem that generates sentences from a given grammar.  This release adds a new derivator that will exhaustively create every sentence in a grammar if called enough times. Example This code: grammar = Panini::Grammar.new n_s = grammar.add_nonterminal n_a = grammar.add_nonterminal n_b = grammar.add_nonterminal n_s.add_production([@n_a, @n_a, @n_b]) […]

Tracy Hoy Clark Sold My Condo

I want to take  a few words to recount my recent and very positive experience selling my condo with Tracy Hoy Clark of Chobee Hoy Associates Real Estate in Brookline Village.  I retained Tracy after my condo had languished on the market for 10 months with two other realtors.  Five days later I had an […]

A Rails Rake Task to Dump The Asset Path

Here’s a rake task that dumps out the current asset path.  For those who don’t know, the asset pipeline is a major (cool!) new feature in Rails 3.1.  I’ve been working on some gems that provide assets (javascript and stylesheets) and I’ve gotten tired of going to the console to look at the asset path. […]