Matthew Bellantoni

Idea: World Wide Whiteboard


I want someone to build a very simple, web-based drawing app that allows multiple people to see what's being drawn in real time.  At the push of a button the service emails a jpeg of that drawing to all of the participants

I'd appreciate any pointers to this product.  If you want to build it, please contact me.  I will pay for this.

My Problem

For the first time in my career, I'm working with on a daily basis with someone located remotely.  It works better than I would have expected.  I think this is because we're both native IMers, I finally started using Skype regularly, and, in no small part, because he's a great colleague.

Still, I find we keep postponing certain discussions until our next in-person meeting.  I think we're doing this because 1) we believe we'll have more time for these discussions in person and/or 2) because we don't have a white board where we can explain ideas.

My Minimum Viable Solution

I sign up for the World Wide Whiteboard service.  I create a new whiteboard session and it gives me a new URL that I can either drop into an email or something like HipChat or Yammer.

When people click on the link, they provide their email (if the service doesn't already recognize them) and they see the whiteboard.

While we're talking on the phone or Skype, we're drawing in the browser.  Everyone sees this update in real time.  The drawing system is simple.  It only needs to support freehand drawing.  The drawing background is white and the ink is black. (Maybe there are a couple of other colors, too.)  There is an area eraser and an option to clear the whole board.

At any time I can hit a button that will send a jpeg image of the current whiteboard to all of the attendees via email.  When I use the whole board erase function I should be asked if I want an image sent at that time, too.

What I don't need or want:

This product should be drop-dead simple in its appearance and use.