On Versioning Things

Here are a couple mechanisms that I use to version things.  When I say “things,” I basically mean software and documents. Versioning Software Components When I version software components I use Semantic Versioning.  Hopefully you’ve heard of this and if you haven’t, you should go read it right now. Semantic Versioning, also known as “SemVer,” […]

Tracy Hoy Clark Sold My Condo

I want to take  a few words to recount my recent and very positive experience selling my condo with Tracy Hoy Clark of Chobee Hoy Associates Real Estate in Brookline Village.  I retained Tracy after my condo had languished on the market for 10 months with two other realtors.  Five days later I had an […]

Working From The C3

I’ve taken up residence at the Cambridge Coworking Center (a.k.a C3) which resides within the Cambridge Innovation Center in Kendall Square.  Below are my thoughts after working there for a little over a month as well as some thoughts about working from home vs. not as a single entrepreneur. First, some background.  I’ve been pursuing […]

Seven Days with 99designs

Someone recently said to me regarding creating an identity (a.k.a. logo) for a startup “[if] you need a logo real bad, that’s just how you’ll get it.”  So, it was with interest I followed a friend’s recent experience using 99designs to source a logo. 99designs is a web site based in Australia where a community […]

Note to Self: Smile and Be Nice

I had lunch at Chik-fil-A yesterday.  I didn’t meant to. Here’s the story: I’m at the Burlington Mall running errands and needed to grab lunch quickly.  So, off to the food court to get a meal at one of the handful of establishments there.  I’m pretty ambivalent about each but end up in line at […]