Matthew Bellantoni

Idea: Coffee Meeting Matchmaker

idea, startups

Yesterday's blog entry by Mark Suster, "Why You Need to Take 50 Coffee Meetings,"caused me to come up with (yet another) idea for a product. I've passed my 50 coffee mark some time ago, but I in no way take 250 meetings a year, as Mark suggest. And the farther along I get in my career, the more I believe that advice is sound.

But I've got a problem. I would take more meetings but I need to find more reasons to meet with more people. I'm not very good at this! So here's a proposed solution: the coffee meeting matchmaker.

In short, people you know suggest people they know with whom they think you should meet for some reason which they would specify. After both parties agreed to the meeting, you'd set it up and have your coffee.

One possible refinement is that you are not given any recommendations until you make some of your own. Or alternatively you're given some period of time to return the favor. This seems to be in the spirit of the service.

Another refinement might be requiring more than one recommender before a match is considered good. That is, I would be told I should meet a person until N number of people have said I should meet that person.

This is built off of your LinkedIn social graph. I have no idea how it makes money.

If you build it (or already did,) please let me know!