Cancelled: Boston Web Co-founder Mixer I

Sad pandaI’m sorry to report that the Boston Web Co-founder Mixer I isn’t going to happen.

Too few people signed up to have a unique and useful event.  I originally planned to have a group that was a mix of technical people and non-technical, with projects and without.  However, of the people who signed up most are technical with projects.  There are plenty of events in Boston where you can meet that group already.

I think there’s still a need for this sort of event, but it probably needs to be held in Kendall and better publicized.  I may give this another go in a week or two.

My sincere thanks to everyone who helped to publicize this event and to the folks who did sign up.

5 thoughts on “Cancelled: Boston Web Co-founder Mixer I

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  2. Too bad – I’m looking for just such an event to match potential co-founders. Were you able to determine any reasons – lack of interest vs lack of awareness? Maybe aligning with a local startup focused locale like dogpatchlabs or CIC would be a better route?

    • I think the location was a problem as well as not doing enough promotion. I’m considering giving this another try, and as you suggest, having the venue somewhere in Kendall (e.g. CIC, NERD, Dogpatch, etc.)

  3. Matthew –

    Just stumbled across your site and event way after the fact. However, if you are looking to try to do this type of mixer again please keep me posted. I have been involved in a number of startups – used to be technical but more on the business building side now (Ops/Sales/etc.) and would love to find some fun and smart projects people are looking for some help building companies around.


    • Hello Dave!

      I’m not planning on trying anything like this in the near term. I heard mention of an upcoming founder match event, but I can’t seem to find it. A good place to hear about these sorts of things (and other related networking events) is on the GreenhornConnect event calendar.


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