On Versioning Things

Here are a couple mechanisms that I use to version things.  When I say “things,” I basically mean software and documents. Versioning Software Components When I version software components I use Semantic Versioning.  Hopefully you’ve heard of this and if you haven’t, you should go read it right now. Semantic Versioning, also known as “SemVer,” […]

Advice For Job Seekers: Please Write a Cover Letter

Preliminaries I’m starting to do a lot of hiring again and once again I’m becoming reacquainted with a lot of the things job seekers do (and don’t do) that annoy me.  I’ve always said “I should write some blog articles about this in hopes that it will change some people’s behavior.” So, here’s the first […]

Remarks on Vivek Wadwha’s Post on Ageism in Tech: Be Adaptable

There’s an article, “The Tech Industry’s Darkest Secret: It’s All About Age“,  by Vivek Wadhwa which I spotted this morning.  In it he asserts that all startups are hell-bent on hiring 20-somethings for a pittance and turning their backs on anyone who didn’t grow up watching Pokemon cartoons.  I’ve got a slightly different take on this matter. He’s […]

Idea: World Wide Whiteboard

I want someone to build a very simple, web-based drawing app that allows multiple people to see what’s being drawn in real time.  At the push of a button the service emails a jpeg of that drawing to all of the participants I’d appreciate any pointers to this product.  If you want to build it, […]